Uriel Rivas

Dec 21, 2020

2 min read

C++, GraphQL and pleasant talks

This is a brief summary of everything I learned during the 12th week at Encora.

Open Source

Photo by Walling on Unsplash

I kept searching for issues I could contribute to! It’s so interesting to explore Open Source projects, understanding their purpose and getting to know how they work. Since this phase started, two of these OS projects caught my attention: react-bootstrap and Catch2.

react-bootstrap is a React library which contains Bootstrap components built with React.

Catch2 is a C++ framework for UnitTest, TDD and BDD.

Two weeks ago I opened a PR in Catch2 and along with the guidance of his maintainer, Martin, I have been working on that! Now, Martin suggested that he could continue working with the remaining docs and tests needed, which I gratefully accepted!

I also just made another PR in react-boostrap! I’m waiting now for a review :)

Pair Programming Sessions

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I learned about GraphQL and Prisma! Carlos, my mentor, drove me through an example code that uses these two technologies. It was really exciting watching him work with it and understanding the principles of both GraphQL and Prisma!

GraphQL has only one endpoint, so you request just the info that you need. Prisma provides default functions for GraphQL.

I also learned a new Mexican word this week! I had no idea that they say reborujado in Chihuahua, where my mentor Leo is from, and I had no idea what this word means. Apparently, reborujado means something like confusing, mixed up and/or scrambled. Yes, all that in just one word. I love learning about new ways people use his language.

Chatting with Dayra and Luis

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This week I had a feedback session with the Academy Staff (Dayra and Luis), it was really nice talking with them! Feeling how they care about me and opening perspectives is what motivates me to keep improving and demonstrate, not only to them but to me as well, that I embrace change and I’m willing to improve.

Nearsoft/Encora has taught me a lot in the time I have been here, and words are not enough to express how grateful I am for that.